MOOSE,  a mixed-media artwork on canvas by Douglas E. Taylor
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Douglas E. Taylor, artist and poet of the western states

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Speaking & Workshops AXIS, crane and fish, available as a giclee fine art print ELK II, available as a giclee fine art print
Douglas E. Taylor, art educator

My speaking has often been utilized as fundraisers for organizations that benefited their memberships, community artists, and helped with outreaching to the general public.

Organizations should contact me and discuss options concerning creating a win-win-win opportunity.

1981- present
Professional Speaking, Presentations and Workshops:
Professional Art Topics:
-Successful Artist Practices;
-Successful & Effective Web Sites on a Budget;
-How To Sell Art;
-Innovations in Accessible Printmaking;  -Artistic Directions;
-Power of the Image;
-Printmaking Processes; 
-Price/Value of Artwork;
-The Portfolio;
-Artist and Gallery Relationships;
-Picture Framing (aesthetics and conservation methods); 
-Various Studio Art Techniques; 
-Modern and Contemporary Art

LAKE  OF  THE  SKY  TANGO, available as a  giclee fine art print

On Being
A Successful Artist
This powerful and informative one-day workshop can be presented in your area.
Read the brief description below and learn about scheduling it at your institution or in your community. It is possible to host this as a fundraiser for your organization while benefitting the membership and community.

This is an empowering workshop for artists that want to be more
effective and successful by defining your own success, developing a vision and plan of action to be a successful artist, discovering  information and benefit from over 25 years of diverse professional experience as an artist, art educator, and art business owner.
Whether you want to sell your artwork, exhibit in public spaces or institutions, apply for grants, competitions and awards, market through a web site, learn to be more productive, there are basic professional practices that will distinguish you from the competition. Being an artist today has never been more competitive.

The participant will learn how to write a mission statement and create an individual plan of action. Each participant will have an opportunity to address specific questions they might have about their pursuit of artistic success. There is more information and experience to share about web sites and on-line marketing.

The workshop creates an opportunity to identify what is really important to them concerning the exploration of his or her art. They will learn: professional practices and understandings that enhance the production and display of their art. They will learn how to be a professional and how to deal with other professionals. Some artists may want to pursue the commercial direction of selling their art through galleries, representatives, or their own studio. Some may desire to produce art that has no commercial value but is intrinsically valuable to society, the world of art, and the nourishment of his or her soul.

SOME QUESTIONS TO EXPLORE: How does one approach a gallery or museum? How does one inform themselves more about being a professional artist? How does one establish a value or price for his or her artwork? What is the best way to market your particular artwork? Do you sell your creations wholesale or retail? Do you sell my work to my neighbors and friends? Do you sell and display your creations in galleries? Art fairs? Through representatives? Do you need a web site? How do you market a web site? Should you sell your originals? Should you reproduce your images as gicle'e prints? How do you become successful without "selling" your art?
What questions do you have?

The one day workshops are conducted by previous gallery owner, gallery manager, art educator and artist, Douglas E. Taylor.

In order to benefit from the workshop you will need to write your own mission statement and plan of action, ahead of time. Upon enrollment, you will be e-mailed, faxed or mailed a kit of samples and instructions concerning writing your own mission statement and how to create an action plan of clear objectives. Douglas Taylor can review them and give you feedback before and at the workshop. This step is vital if you want to truly be successful in whatever endeavor you pursue.

Upon registration you will receive a packet of information on How to Write a Mission Statement and Plan of Action. Also you may submit three specific questions that you would like addressed in this workshop. It is to your benefit that you complete these projects before the actual workshop so that the instructor can prepare individual feedback for your statements and questions.

More about the workshop leader and the program
Douglas E. Taylor will answer important questions most quarried by
creative people seeking to be more professional and wishing to be
more successful with their artistic ventures. Taylor explains, "There are myths about the artistic versus the business minded. Some believe that if a person is artistic they must not be a good business person. I see the problem as a lack of understanding about both the elements of business and the elements of art. Too often artists think of business as the enemy that takes time away from their creativity." This in depth and powerful workshop is designed for both novice beginners and experienced, active professionals. Whatever level you may be on, the workshop can push you up to the next level. If you have a dream of being more active in your pursuit of being an artist or have serious visions of "making it" with what makes you blissful, this workshop is for you.

He has been involved in professional art experiences since 1979 and delights in sharing his wealth of knowledge and diverse experience. As an artist, a gallery owner and manager, and an art educator he has a depth of well-rounded experiences and information that could enhance your dreams of being a successful artist, or at a minimum allow you to have a understanding about what needs to happen if you want to spend more time practicing your art.

Douglas Taylor has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis, and studied at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland, and Oregon College of Art in Ashland, Oregon. He taught on the college level from 1982 to 1998, a variety of studio art courses and academic art history courses. He has spoken on this important subject, professional art themes, many times. Allow him to speak to your needs.

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SOLAR  BEAR  II, polar bear on thin ice,  original mixed-media  art available and available as a  giclee fine art print MOSTLY  WIND, available as a  giclee fine art print