MOOSE,  a mixed-media artwork on canvas by Douglas E. Taylor
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Douglas E. Taylor, artist and poet of the western states

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The entire content of this web site is copyrighted as a whole and in parts by Douglas E. Taylor. Limited use may be obtained through communication with the artist and poet.

Gicle'e Prints AXIS, crane and fish, available as a giclee fine art print ELK II, available as a giclee fine art print LAKE  OF  THE  SKY  TANGO, available as a  giclee fine art print SOLAR  BEAR  II, polar bear on thin ice,  original mixed-media  art available and available as a  giclee fine art print

Fine Art Prints by Douglas E. Taylor
A giclee (fine art print) is a High Quality Archival Digital Reproduction on archival materials.
I produce these images in small editions of only 50 prints each, signed numbered by the artist.
The prices below are unframed prices, printed on
archival rag paper or archival canvas, as indicated.
All of the prints are also available on unstretched canvas, which would be 10% more than the posted paper price.
All giclee prints can be ordered custom sizes, with a minimum of 11 x 14 inches. Prices are determined by size.
There is a total of only 50 prints of an image ever printed.
Link here for prices.

Benefit Series of Exclusive Images
I have and I can create artworks to specifically benefit various nonprofit wildlife and nature organizations. Existing images or special mixed-media artworks can be produced as limited edition gicle’e prints.
Would your nonprofit organization like to know how you can benefit from the sale of my gicle’e prints? There is no direct cost involved, only marketing an exclusive image through the organization’s marketing program and benefiting from any sales generated. There would be no inventory expense because the prints are printed on demand to fill orders.
Ask me how.

What is a giclee print?

HERE & NOW, image 11 x 14 inches, on archival rag paper, $110 unframed price,
also available in larger sizes, price is determined by size and materials used (canvas or paper).

ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELK, image 14 x 23.5 inches, on archival canvas, $225 unframed
also available in larger sizes, price is determined by size and materials used (canvas or paper).

SOLAR BEAR II, (polar bear on thin ice)
Giclee print image: 19.25 x 16.5 inches, on archival rag paper,
Premiere price: $200 unframed, plus $12 shipping.
This image is available now and can be purchased through
The Great Bear Foundation. See for contact information and more about this important foundation that benefits from the purchase of this limited edition gicle’e print. All giclee prints by Douglas E. Taylor are limited to only 50 prints. Prints are also available archival canvas and are 10% more than archival rag paper.

Solar Bear II (polar bear on thin ice) and another image, Solar Bear I (polar bear in hot water) were created through inspiration from The Great Bear Foundation and Dr. Chuck Jonkel.
The images and titles are obvious editorials of the precarious position the great polar bears are experiencing because of global warming and the rapid changes in their natural habitat. The Polar Regions are not a common experience for a majority of the Earth’s human population, yet we do seem to have an affect on the far reaches of our planet. Science has proven our various environmental impacts on this garden in space and the many life forms that call it home. All of my work is about the power of the individual and how we can never really limit how far our influence may reach. There is a responsibility when achieving so much power. I believe we must be conscious of that influence. People like Chuck Jonkel, his staff and supporters of The Great Bear Foundation are good examples of a small number of people making a difference and creating awareness and honor for those great bears and their natural environments.

During a meeting with Chuck, I wrote down something he said,
What kind of bear is on the other side of hope.”
These mixed media images were created, utilizing my own photography of captured polar bears, combined with painting and a collage of printmaking.

GOLDEN  EAGLE - AIR, by Douglas E. Taylo

GOLDEN EAGLE - AIR, 17 x 20 inches, $225 unframed

WOLF, earth, part of a 4 element series,  availabe  as a gilcee fine art print in various sizes

Click this link to see portfolio of fine art gilce’e prints.

WOLF - EARTH, 17 x 20.5 inches, $225 unframed

SWEET  SURRENDER, fish and blue birds, original artwork  and available as  a giclee fine art digital print on canvas or paper, various sizes

SWEET  SURENDER, 20 x 31.5 inches, $340 unframed

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MOSTLY  WIND, available as a  giclee fine art print