MOOSE,  a mixed-media artwork on canvas by Douglas E. Taylor
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Douglas E. Taylor, artist and poet of the western states

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The entire content of this web site is copyrighted as a whole and in parts by Douglas E. Taylor. Limited use may be obtained through communication with the artist and poet.

Commissions AXIS, crane and fish, available as a giclee fine art print ELK II, available as a giclee fine art print LAKE  OF  THE  SKY  TANGO, available as a  giclee fine art print SOLAR  BEAR  II, polar bear on thin ice,  original mixed-media  art available and available as a  giclee fine art print

The below pieces are among many sold mixed-media artworks. Some are commissioned by collectors, specifying specific sizes and may be loosely inspired by previous pieces. When collector’s request a commission, they are confident in my ability and my artistic integrity. Contact the galleries representing my artwork for commission details. Somewhere Where, almost 4 by 5 feet mixed-media artwork

Somewhere Now, almost 4 by 5 feet mixed-media  installed
The aspen tree series is inspired by aspen trees and aspen leaves. This theme has been reoccurring since the early 1980’s. For me the aspen is a meaningful symbol of the western United States and the mountains and life I love. The leaves reflect the change of the seasons and the cycles of life. I love the aesthetics of the aspen leaf and tree and interpreting it in its various moods.FELICITY,  a smaller mixed media artworkSeason of the Now, a 4 by 5 feet commission, installed

Season of the Heart, a 5 by 6 feet mixed-media commission, installed  PEACE OF NOW & THEN, a cropped version of NOW & THEN, available as a gilcee fine art print in custom sizes

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MOSTLY  WIND, available as a  giclee fine art print