MOOSE,  a mixed-media artwork on canvas by Douglas E. Taylor
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Douglas E. Taylor, artist and poet of the western states

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The entire content of this web site is copyrighted as a whole and in parts by Douglas E. Taylor. Limited use may be obtained through communication with the artist and poet.

Art Print Portfolio: Prices AXIS, crane and fish, available as a giclee fine art print ELK II, available as a giclee fine art print LAKE  OF  THE  SKY  TANGO, available as a  giclee fine art print SOLAR  BEAR  II, polar bear on thin ice,  original mixed-media  art available and available as a  giclee fine art print

Axis, (crane & fish)

AIR, Golden Eagle a gicle'e print of a mixed-media artwork by Douglas E

Element Series 1, all four images by Douglas E

Elk II 175x20 a gicle'e of mixed-media by Douglas E

Elk I 16x22_gicle'e of a mixed-media art by Douglas E

Elk Montage III by Douglas E

In Spirit - cosmic Appaloosa horses running through the night

LAKE OF THE SKY TANGO a print of a mixed-media artwork by Douglas E

Somewhere Where

Here and There, (Aspen Grove)

wolf- EARTH gicle'e of mixed-media artwork

Solar Bear II, (polar bear on thin ice)

Sweet Surrender (fish and birds)

Fire - spirit

Great Horned Owl

Now & Then

More images and in depth information will be available soon or by e-mailing a request.
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What is a giclee fine art print?

Gicle’e Fine Art Prints By Douglas E. Taylor

Size and Price List

All custom Fine Art Gicle’e Prints images are limited to a signed and numbered edition of only 50 prints total.

You can select an image and size, chose whether you want it on archival canvas or archival paper.   Prints are canvas do not require being behind glass.  All framed archival paper prints should be matted and behind glass (or the glazing of your choice and purpose.)

Basic Sizes and Prices: image may be nearest but not exceed

11 x 14 inches

$110 archival paper

$120   unstretched canvas

14 x 18



14 x 24 Lake of the Sky Tango



17 x 18



16 x 22



18 x 20



18 x 24



20 x 24



24 x 28



20 x 32 Sweet Surrender



26 x 46 Lake of the Sky Tango



30 x 36



40 x 60






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MOSTLY  WIND, available as a  giclee fine art print