MOOSE,  a mixed-media artwork on canvas by Douglas E. Taylor
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Douglas E. Taylor, artist and poet of the western states

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The entire content of this web site is copyrighted as a whole and in parts by Douglas E. Taylor. Limited use may be obtained through communication with the artist and poet.

About  Mixed-Media

Mixed-media by Douglas E. Taylor

Mixed-media is any combination of media. In the method and process of Douglas E. Taylor it usually involves a collage (adhering of paper materials that are cut and/or torn) of printed fragments from his various printmaking processes and Oriental rice papers on canvas. Taylor adheres the collage with an acrylic medium which is archival and integrates well with acrylic paints.  The layers of collage are integrated with layers of acrylic painting. The acrylic painting utilizes regular acrylic colors, iridescent (pearlesant) colors and iridescent interference colors. Interference colors shift and change with their relationship with the direction and quality of light.  At a forty-five to a ninety degree angle the interference colors are intense and at a straight forward view the same colors are virtually invisible.  The colors and textures under the iridescent interference colors are then revealed. It is an animated and magic kind of  visual affect that helps the artist convey that special sense of nature.  IN  SPIRIT , a mixed-media by Douglas E. Taylor

Please note that the colors on these mixed media works by Douglas Taylor shift and change with the character and quality of the light, and also the relationship and direction of the light source from the viewer.  This is why the colors vary in intensity and hue from each photograph taken of their unique surface.  Taylor uses iridescent colors that change and subtly shift just as clouds, water, sky and leaves shimmering on the breeze do when observing nature.

To see a portfolio of available mixed-media artworks click this text link.

Like all rich surfaced original art these artworks are best viewed in person.  The image becomes an experience that magically shifts and changes with the use of iridescent and iridescent interference colors.

These are one-of-a-kind original artworks. They are on canvas and involve a collage made of many different processes and methods of printmaking and integrated with many glazes of acrylic painting.  They are protected with several layers of a heavy duty mat finish acrylic varnish. The textures reflect light in interesting ways and are vital part of the original art.

Because of the wide range of detail in color, tone and texture, these low resolution photographs can not represent the experience of actually witnessing the art in person.

A detail of the sensitive layers of involvement of the mixed-media piece, Whirled Piece.  Taylor’s mixed-media art is created on canvas with many layers of collage, made from fragments of many types and processes of printmaking and Oriental rice papers, combined with many layers and glazes of acrylic painting, including the use of iridescent and iridescent interference colors that shift and change with various lighting qualities.  Seeing an original is a special experience.

Imagine watching shapes and colors change in the moving sky, water waving reflections, leafs flickering in the breeze.  He does this through his layers of imagery and texture, his use of iridescent interference acrylic painting and his choice of subject matter.  Taylor’s art inspires wonder with colors that shift and change, creating a sense of animation as witnessed in the magic of nature.

 “Rivers and horses are symbols that I relate to my experience in the western United States. Aspen and cottonwood trees thrive along streams and rivers, and some rivers run like wild horses down a mountain.  I find running horses and running rivers transcendental, metaphors for power and life, for harmony and spirit, for freedom and purpose.” Taylor shares.

Aspen leaves are saturated textures throughout much of his imagery.  Taylor’s imagination runs wild with running Appaloosa horses with aspen leaf spots and pintos ponies with patches that resemble specific lakes or clouds.

Each of his images or series has poetry that companions the image. It is his intention that his poetry contributes to the imagery on another level.  Maybe like watching horses run compared to riding one.  It is a different experience. These new artworks are his most layered and involved, as printmaking and as mixed-media pieces, and maybe as poetry.

Running Through The Seasons

A memory tumbles true.
Winds drift and shift through.
Running mustangs that glide the hills,
Trees fall eventually still,
Rivers push on and time rides,
The earthen banks between both sides,
And rills the perpetual will.
The clouds blow color until
The shadows run together and sling
Wild horses on the feathered wing

by Douglas E. Taylor                 copyright 2005

Taylor has developed his mixed-process printmaking since 1987. The innovative combinations of as many as eight different printmaking processes creates a rich visual experience and has been recognized with his inclusion in innovative international and national exhibits concerning contemporary art and printmaking. He now lives in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana.

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